Our engineering and industrialization expertise results from 40 years experience in high-security fields, like aeronautics, defence industries, energy, ship building and transport. We have combined our skills to bring a range of illumination systems.

We have built our strategy to allow maximum flexibility in our offers to satisfy most of the needs of our customers. We have organized ourselves to ensure technical and technological monitors necessary for the improvement of our products and the development of new ones.

Our products use the best components on the market in quality, performance and reliability. They mostly include validated and proven standardized elements that are chosen, arranged and / or added as a lego according to customer specifications. So Athena guarantee a maximum flexibility in its offers.

Our products are mobile, innovative and of superior quality, offering optimal performance. Our equipment is suitable for being used by all types of operator working in rescue, recognition, evacuation or investigation in difficult or dangerous conditions.



We aim to offer users portable, sturdy tools that are reliable, quickly and easy to use and immediately efficient for making a safe route. They provide operators with the light they need to accomplish their missions with greater security, which brings down stress levels and gives them a chance to stretch the limits of their intervention a little further.

Why did we call ourselves Athena?

Athena was the Greek goddess of caution and wisdom, the guide and protector of heroes.

She is the ideal symbol for our equipment, which is devised for people working in hazardous conditions to help the community.

Athena’s catalogue includes two main types of equipment, and we continue to develop innovative new products for groups and individuals.

Our innovative team is flexible and responsive.

We propose the right tools to bring you a safe route in your missions and operations.



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