1. Two parts design : LS type and LSC type.

LS range (no connection under water) and LSC range ( connection under water)

2. All in one design: LVNS ( no connection underwater) and LVNSC ( connection underwater)


Wire lengths: standard is 20, 50, 60, 80 and 100 meters. On request up to 300m.

Wire segments: all types are interchangeable by only unplug and plug.


LS and LVNS devices are dedicated to submersible operations, up to 200m (600 feet) depth but it is interesting product for ground operations


LS device consists of two separate parts:

- from one side the waterproof battery pack LSP including management system

- from the other the electroluminescent wire segment rolled on a reel or on request, on diving spool. Wire is plugged on the reel top by specific connector.

All the wire segments are interchangeable between them; reel or spool dimensions are in accordance of lengths to be rolled.

The whole is robust and strong enough for resisting to all operations including transportation and storages.

In accordance with the using, mode of using, continuous or blinking modes, and wire length runtime is from 3 to 6 hours. On request, runtime can be more time. Charging led and ON-OFF switch are located on the pack. Fast charger to be connected to 90-240V AC (on request 12V DC) stop automatically once the battery full.

Implementing is made by only one person. To pull on the wire or to bring the pack are the 2 process.

Wire is supplied by equipped segments ready to plug and ready to use. Only length, color and type must be specified by the end-user. Segments are from 10m to 140m, up to 300m are in development.


LVNS device is "all in one" design where power is into the drum center.


OPTIONS : lengths, reinforced wire ( 80-120KGF) , color,.. chasing 2 directions


NEW: Illimited runtime submersible unit - LSC type and LVNSC

It is device from LS type for very long runtime underwater without to put it back on surface (out of water) for charging. We connect underwater additional battery PA to the main pack LSPXC by EO cord connector. When the PA is empty we plug another one etc.. See below on picture


Standard LS type with 60m wire ( LS60)

LS athena10 noir





LSC type ( above 80m with 2 batteries PAX, below 1 PAX)

LVNS or LVNSC with its battery PAX


This material was designed in particular for underwater operations.

On land, it can also be used to identify and mark out intervention zones or indicate access and evacuation routes. Light can be sent by flash mode to transmit instructions, give a more attractive look for certain uses, or increase autonomy.


Laurent Ballesta - Wild-Touch.

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