Very long guide line, from 10 to 300 metres.

Our equipment is devised to give long-term, autonomous marking, signalling, and guidance when visibility is low using very bright continuous luminescence.

Its aim is to provide assistance and security to all operators who need guiding in environments with low or no visibility, in open or closed spaces.

Users can see and be seen in the dark, while remaining free in their movements.

Luminous lifelines provide operators with greater security and efficiency. Their luminosity reduces stress levels and facilitates communication with the outside using the flashing light mode.

Our top-quality, sturdy products are designed for professional use. They were developed in collaboration with the Parisian fire brigade (BSPP) and match their technical specifications.

"We’ve moved from the 19th century into the 21st century: at last we can see clearly under water." 
(BSPP manager - French firefighters - diving section)









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