picto-plongee Beaconing for searches in open or closed waters: victim searches, subways, sewers, flooded car parks

Technical diving: deep waters, wrecks, potholes, under ice, etc.


Marking intervention areas: searching for victims, inspecting dams, etc.


Underwater works: construction, inspecting hulls, propellers, wrecks, oilrigs, sluices, etc.


Indicating diver decompression stops, training routes


Underwater archaeological works


Criminal investigation: search for clues in deep waters, reports, investigations


Scientific research


Our guide lines can be installed permanently and light up automatically during power cuts to indicate evacuation paths and assembly routes prior to evacuation.


picto-evacuation Aid for evacuating commercial, passenger and cruise ships
picto-evacuation Oilrigs: evacuation routes, temporary zoning
picto-evacuation Marking evacuation routes in car parks and other underground areas

Evacuation routes in car parks, basements, buildings receiving the public, hotels, etc.


The electroluminescent guide line can be used for marking out zones on the public way, in mountains, forests, at sea… above ground, underground, and in the water.

Multi-purpose armbands ensure that operators can be seen, increasing their security and so making them more efficient.

picto-signalisation Accidents and disaster zones
picto-signalisation Mountain rescue: marking out zones
picto-signalisation Temporarily dangerous zones
picto-signalisation Natural catastrophes, deep searches: buildings, cavities, landslides, etc.

Marking out zones, exits and paths on busy sites: festivals, site visits, cultural and sports events

Military: drop zones, landing zones, IED safe area, unerground and caves recognition, refueling base, "no go" areas, bridge edge crossing, etc..


Marking out primary and secondary routes of underground circuits (grottoes, mines, galleries, etc.)


Galleries, tunnels, caves, corridors, car parks and other very smoke-filled spaces: searches for origin of smoke, any victims, and marking out a path to access the fire

Marking zones, training courses, illuminated paths